Physical Therapy And Medical Fitness (Coming Soon)

Physical Therapy And Medical Fitness (Coming Soon)

Prrt Primal Reflex Release Technique

Primal Reflex Release Technique, PRRT is one of the latest treatments that relieves pain and helps the body to heal itself in a natural way.CORE Medical&Wellness team uses PRRT after a complete evaluation has been given. During the evaluation, it is not uncommon to find areas of the body that contribute to the chief complaint. By addressing these issues, it will allow for a more optimal healing process.

About 12 years ago, John Iams discovered that our primal reflexes are hardwired into our nervous system for the preservation and sustainability of life. These reflexes include the startle reflex, the withdrawal reflex, and the protective joint reflex. Together, they are the forefront of all sustained painful conditions and are linked to the "fight or flight" response. When a person is experiencing pain or is startled, these reflexes are called upon to protect the body. John also found that when this happens, the body overstimulates itself therefore creating the primal reflexes to patterns of pain that can be reproduced, duplicated and maintained. PRRT is a great solution to this problem as it facilitates a "neural reboot", which essentially resets neural control in order to release muscular and joint restrictions.

Physical Threrapy

Physical Therapy is a sector of rehabilitation that uses special exercises and equipment. It is applied by a Physical Therapist after effective patient care through clinical knowledge and understanding. Physical Therapists are highly educated and trained professionals that are capable of reducing pain through restoring mobility. These professionals can treat patients of all ages with any afflictions that may arise.

Laser Therapy

Deep Tissue Laser Therapy accelerates your body’s own healing process through photobio- stimulation. At CORE Medical&Wellness, laser therapy is used to treat acute or chronic conditions and post- surgical pains. Scientifically proven, deep tissue laser therapy is an alternative to surgery, effective for treating difficult conditions and includes fast treatment times.

Theraputic Exercises

Therapeutic exercises are used once we have retracted the pain or immobility in an area of one’s body. These exercises are done in order to isolate specific muscles which will improve flexibility and endurance, thus allowing the muscle to heal and work to its full potential.

After mobility and strength have improved, we utilize neuromuscular reeducation to restore proper movement patterns which bring patients back to their prior level of function.

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