How Does Botox Work?

How Does Botox Work?

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You may have heard of people getting Botox to smooth out facial lines and wrinkles. Also called Xeomin, Botox is a cosmetic injectable procedure that can improve the look of facial indentations. It is most commonly used to smooth lines on the forehead, around the eyes (crow’s feet), and around the mouth (frown lines).

You may have also heard that Botox is a toxin that comes from the same bacteria that causes botulism. This is true, but there’s no need to fear; when administered properly, the risk of illness is very low. Since 2002, Botox has been FDA approved for cosmetic use and was approved for other medical uses beginning in the late 1980s and on.

Botox Works as a Muscle Relaxer

The chemical makeup of Botox works to block the signals from the nerves to the muscles. Once these signals are blocked, the muscle is no longer able to contract and the muscles gradually relax and smooth out.

History of Botox Use in Medicine

When it was first discovered that the toxin in the bacteria botulinum hasd a relaxing effect on muscles, it was tested to better understand its effects. Eventually, it was approved by the FDA in the late 1980s for use in treating issues like blepharospasm (uncontrolled blinking) and strabismus (lazy eye). Controlled muscle weakening is a tool doctors can use to treat a variety of disorders.

It has also been approved for treatment with urinary incontinence, as it can be injected into the bladder to relax the muscles and allow it a greater holding capacity.

How Long Will it Take to See the Effects?

It typically takes anywhere from 3 to 7 days to take full effect, though you may notice some results sooner. Botox is only effective on lines that are the result of muscle contraction. Lines from sun damage and other factors may not improve with this procedure.

How Long Will the Results Last?

You can expect your results to last between 4 and 6 months, after which point the effects of Botox may start to wear off. When this happens, the muscles can contract again, causing the lines to reform. However, the same results can be achieved again, though you will require another round of injections. Over time you’ll need fewer treatments as the muscles naturally learn to stay more relaxed.

What Does the Procedure Involve?

Botox is a relatively quick out-patient procedure. No anesthesia is required because very fine needles are used. The number of injections is based on the need and the size of the area being treated. After the procedure you should be able to return to your normal daily activities.

Are There Any Side Effects of Botox Injections?

You may experience some slight bruising in the area of the injections. On rare occasions, some patients have experienced headaches, but the pain usually subsides in 24 to 48 hours. A small percentage of patients have experienced eyelid drooping, which typically resolves within a few weeks. This condition can most often be prevented by avoiding any contact to the area following treatment, by hand or otherwise. It’s also best not to lay down for at least 3 or 4 hours after the procedure. Both of these measures can help keep the Botox from spreading beyond the site of injection.

Do Not Get Botox If:

  • You are pregnant
  • You are breastfeeding
  • You have any neurological diseases

These conditions render a patient ineligible for Botox as the risk of complications is greater. Always inform your doctor of any preexisting medical conditions before undergoing any cosmetic or medical procedure.

Paying for Botox: Cost and Insurance

The cost of Botox may vary, depending on the condition being treated and individual health insurance coverage. It is important to be aware of your financial responsibility. Insurance providers will not typically cover Botox if it is used for cosmetic purposes, but may help pay for the procedure if it is needed to treat a medical condition. There are many ways to finance cosmetic procedures if your insurance company doesn’t provide assistance, including loans and credit.

Why Have your Xeomin/Botox Procedure Done at CORE Medical & Wellness?

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