About Us

Our CORE Values Encompasses:



We believe that our passion is the fuel that energizes us and keeps us engaged with fulfilling our purpose. Our purpose is to meet -and exceed- the expectations of all our patients.



All professions require moral and ethical behavior, but healthcare is one where integrity plays an indispensable role. Conducting an honest, morally strong and upright professional standard is not a choice – it is an absolute must.



We take pride in our ability to understand our patients’ perspective, needs and goals. This culture of cooperation encompasses not only our workplace but also our relationship with our patients.

Welcome to CORE Medical & Wellness

Mission & Vision


Our mission is to listen, inspire hope and to care for our patients like family.

Health & Wellness


We’re the new driving force in delivering meaningful healthcare to everyone who walks through our doors. We know there are strong links between your body and spirit and we seek to help you nurture both.  We do this by looking at the total person and not simply through the narrow lens of a disease and condition. We look forward to showing you how our total approach to health and wellness can help you live a more active and satisfying lifestyle. Contact us to learn more.

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