What Our Patients Are Saying

You will not be disappointed.


“Doctor Kang is an amazing Dr if you are looking for a Dr who has empathy, sincere, and everything a person looks for in a Dr. Doctor Kang is it he is not just looking to get the next dollar he takes his time to know his patients and their needs. Also, he values your time you make an appointment and 90% of the time you are in and out. You’re not sitting in the waiting room for an hours after your appointment time. Not saying that delays can happen but he is worth the wait. I recommend that you make your appointment the staff is always there to help they are extraordinary people. You will not be disappointed.”


– Lisa R.
What a blessing to have such relief and such good medical care.


“Dr. Kang is a wonderful physician. He’s bright, friendly, very approachable, and extremely knowledgeable about non-opioid methods of pain management. I love that I have seen him several times and we have NEVER had to talk about opiate painkillers. He uses state of the art treatments with care and precision, and it’s truly made a difference for good in my life. I was doubled over with back spasms this weekend that required a trip to Urgent Care. This morning I saw Dr. Kang, and with light sedation and a painless spinal injection, I feel good as new. What a blessing to have such relief and such good medical care. Full disclosure – this is NOT a commercial.”


– V. Alleyne, Ph.D.
I definitely noticed less dry spots on my face and more even coloring.


“I went to Core Medical & Wellness for a hydrafacial and a non-invasive treatment called SkinTyte. It was my first time ever getting a facial and from the moment I walked through the door, the experience was phenomenal. The office is clean, modern, spacious, and the location is easy to find. The front desk staff was friendly, professional, and efficient. First, I saw Kristen the aesthetician for the hydrafacial. She patiently explained the whole procedure to me and while she was doing the facial, she explained every step as well, letting me know what she was doing and what she was applying on my face. It took about 30 minutes and at the end my face was so soft, all the white bumps and black heads were gone, and it looked like my skin was glowing. At the end, I was able to see all the junk that the hydrafacial sucked out from my skin. I really enjoyed my time with Kristen and she is very personable and truly seemed to love her job and her excitement was contagious.When I applied my makeup today, it seemed to go on super smooth. I definitely noticed less dry spots on my face and more even coloring.”


– Diana J.

When’s the last time you felt good leaving the doctor’s office?