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Our office is conveniently located in Lyndhurst, NJ a short drive from Perth Amboy, Union City, West New York, Passaic, DoverGuttenburg, Clifton, Kearny, and Rutherford.

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CORE Medical & Wellness is proud to provide a full line of health and wellness services in Lyndhurst, NJ. Call us today at 888-521-0688 to learn more or schedule your appointment!

At CORE, we take a completely different approach to your health. In fact, we are at the forefront of the movement to make healthcare more accessible and integrated. We see you as a whole person, not just a patient. We are committed to meeting your individual needs.

Our Services

Our fully integrated health and wellness services include:

Non-Surgical Orthopedics, Spine & Sports Medicine: From rapid muscle recovery to cutting-edge regenerative medicine, we offer a variety of non-surgical treatments for a wide range of acute and chronic injuries.

Interventional Pain Management: Interventional pain management uses injections, nerve blocks, and even spinal cord stimulation to relieve or block pain signals throughout the body.

Lifestyle & Fitness Coaches: We believe you deserve the same level of focus and intensity as the world-class athletes we treat. Our lifestyle and fitness coaches will bring out the best in you, each and every day.

Men’s and Women’s Health: Both men and women can develop hormonal imbalances that affect your overall well-being. We offer a range of treatments from hormone replacement therapy to platelet-rich plasma therapies that are tailored to your needs.

Vein Treatment Center: If you, like in 1 in 5 adults, suffer from varicose veins, we can help. Our non-surgical laser procedure takes just one hour with less pain and downtime than traditional treatments.

Rheumatology:  Dr. Jenny Gartshteyn brings her knowledge and experience as an expert rheumatologist to carefully assess each individual patient’s medical history and symptoms. With a focus on reducing pain and minimizing joint damage, Dr. Gartshteyn aims to improve or maintain physical function and quality of life for patients.

Our Team

Our physicians and staff members are compassionate, kind, and highly skilled. Our focus is on getting to know the whole you, and on helping you become the very best version of yourself.

Dr. Richard Kang holds a double board certification in Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine. He won several awards and recognitions during his postgraduate training. His primary focus is on interventional treatment of neck and back pain, including regenerative techniques. Dr. Kang has also won numerous recognitions for his technical skills and compassionate nature, and he is a member of multiple professional medical societies.

Dr. Shelly Sharma is a double board-certified Interventional Pain Medicine specialist who specializes in both Anesthesia and Pain Medicine. She takes all aspects of each patient’s life into consideration when developing a customized treatment plan, and she strives to provide emotional and moral support throughout the healing journey. Her areas of expertise include treatment of chronic neck and back pain, chronic headache/migraine, neuropathic pain, and cancer pain, which she treats with a multimodal approach.

Dr. Jag Desai is double board certified in Anesthesiology and Interventional Pain Medicine. His interest is in preventing and treating degenerative processes with a variety of interventional therapies and regenerative medicine. He firmly believes in treating patients as people first, and he strives to get to know them as if they were his own family or friends.

Dr. Steven Kim is board certified in Internal Medicine, and he has worked as a clinical educator for major healthcare corporations such as Johnson & Johnson and Gilead Sciences. His area of focus is vein diseases and varicose veins, and he founded The Vein Treatment Center, where he served as medical director, in 2015. Dr. Kim is passionate about community education and about serving patients with vein diseases with non-surgical treatments.

Dr. Jenny Gartshteyn is board certified in Internal Medicine and received her M.D. from New York University School of Medicine. She completed her Rheumatology Clinical Fellowship at Columbia University Medical Center, where she previously held the Clinical Appointment of Assistant Professor in Medicine for the Division of Hospitalist Medicine. Dr. Gartshteyn specializes in inflammatory arthritis (Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriatic Arthritis, Ankylosing Spondylitis and Gout/Pseudogout) and autoimmune conditions such as Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE), Sjogren’s Syndrome, Systemic Sclerosis, Myositis, and Vasculitis. She performs injections/aspirations of affected joints; as well as corticosteroid injections for treatment of bursitis, rotator cuff tendinopathy, medial and lateral epicondylitis, knee osteoarthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome.

If you are ready for a new, fully integrated approach to health and wellness, contact CORE Medical & Wellness today at 888-521-0688 to learn more or schedule your appointment!